Tips on How to Crush Cravings

Those who have too much food cravings have eating habits that result from physical necessity. When such cravings are not fulfilled, this can be hard to defeat. In order to stop them, you need to understand how they cause you to gain weight and to learn how to manage your cravings so you do not(…)

Glycemix Index VS Glycemic Load by Jonny Bowden

Here’s a video that Dr. Jonny Bowden recorded and shot a while back about the glycemic index. There is a wealth of information revealed in this video. Enjoy! Did you notice that just a plate of spehgetti will spike your blood sugar since it’s glycemic load is pushing 25 – upper end of the load(…)

Easy Ways To Stick With Your Diet Plan

It is not very easy to lose weight, but this is the goal of people all over the world. There is nothing like setting a weight loss goal and reaching it, but many times it can be very difficult to stick with a solid diet plan. If your goal is to lose some weight and(…)

The Importance Of Physical Exercise

Physical activity and exercise is something that everyone needs to engage in if they want to maintain a healthy body well into their golden years. The benefits of physical exercise simply cannot be overstated. From maintaining your ideal weight to lowering your risk of cancer, working out has been proven to be one of the(…)

Health Benefits of Low Carb Diet

As the term implies, the low carb diet is a regimen that discourages you to mostly consume food items that contains simple and complex carbohydrates. Among these two types, dieticians will most likely discourage you to consume less food items with simple carbohydrates because the digestive system tends to process and absorb them easily. Therefore,(…)

The Many Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Weight

There are numerous benefits of maintaining healthy weight that you can truly enjoy. The benefits will not only include the improvements in your quality of life, but also to the total life span that you can enjoy for the long haul. In this article, you will learn more on some of the health related benefits(…)

Keeping a Diet-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is always the culprit when one loses the battle to achieve a healthy weight. Many kitchens are stocked with unhealthy foods, snacks, and oils, which contributed to a lot of people’s unending weight woes. To rectify this issue and instead help people achieve their target weights, setting up kitchen for diet preparation is(…)

How Skipping Breakfast Does Not Help You Lose Weight

How many times have you ran out the door without grabbing something for breakfast thinking that it will help you lose more weight anyways? We have probably all done this before because we all get in hurry at times, but not all of is do this because we want to lose weight and the majority(…)

5 Reasons To Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Have you finally shed away those unsightly pounds, but now you are wondering if it was really worth it? Even a few pounds, which might not make a serious visual difference, is very healthy for the body. There are several great benefits of maintaining a health body weight. Five of them are listed below. If(…)

Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

It has been a long held belief that eating fat is what makes you fat. For decades, dietitians and health experts have been telling us to cut out the fat in our diets to loose weight. However, new research shows that it is not the fat that is responsible for weight gain. Decreasing the fat(…)