Tips on How to Crush Cravings

Those who have too much food cravings have eating habits that result from physical necessity. When such cravings are not fulfilled, this can be hard to defeat. In order to stop them, you need to understand how they cause you to gain weight and to learn how to manage your cravings so you do not have to deal with the negative impact of too much food ingestion. Here are tips on how to crush cravings.

When a craving suddenly arises, wait for 15 minutes before you give in to it. You will see that your cravings will slowly subside. If the cravings persist, try not to think about what you crave for by doing an activity requiring focus and attention or performing something not related to eating. You can have a warm shower, clean the house, speak to a friend, listen to music, go dancing or watch a workout video. Think of something that you know will make you avoid the urgency to eat. Watch a movie, read a newspaper or a book or turn on the TV but make sure these activities are not related to food.

Stay away from foods you love eating. You can visit the gym, walk your dog or go biking around the neighborhood. Leave your home for a while so that you will not be tempted to eat or remove unhealthy foods from your kitchen.

Check the intensity of your craving. Know how much you want to consume that certain food at the moment using a scale of one to ten. If that craving is rated 10 and you did the above-mentioned tips, you can give in. Once you are about to eat that food, you need to ask yourself how much of it you should eat. Stick to a reasonable amount and avoid eating more than a serving. You can place a small amount of the food on your plate. Slowly eat and savor each bite of your food. Never feel guilty for giving in because after all the hard work, you owe yourself a reward.

Gradually get rid of your cravings for unhealthy food with this portion control. Many people on a diet usually refrain from eating candy, cakes, cookies, chocolates and red meat minus a transition period. Control your food portions depending on their food group. Make sure that you stick to a complete and balanced diet.

Determine the day and time of the foods cravings you feel as well as its duration prior to starting a new diet. Chart the information you get and then use this to “predict” that craving. Get a healthy snack or drink water to drown it before the time that you expect to experience it.

When food cravings strike, immediately eat healthy beverages and foods. You can drink green tea or water and then eat raw veggies and rice cakes so as to trick the mind when you suddenly crave for something.

Continuously hydrate yourself with healthy drinks all through the day so that you will refrain from drinking soft drinks. You can consume not less than one ounce of water per two pounds of body weight along with more water if you are more than your perfect weight. This will make you stay away from high-calorie beverages such as sodas and colas once you become thirsty.

Do not exercise when your stomach is empty and instead eat high protein snacks thirty minutes prior to going to your gym. Stock up on low calorie protein bars with unsalted walnuts and unsalted peanuts at home as these will help you get rid of cravings at home after a workout.

“… some new research hints that protein may be able to satisfy hunger better than either fats or carbohydrates.” – WebMD

Talk to your relatives, housemates and friends about your goal of crushing those food cravings. You need to have a support system which can assist you in controlling your diet and helping you when your new diet seems impossible to follow.

You can curb cravings by sleeping sufficiently every night. People who get to sleep more lower their ghrelin and cortisol output. The hormone ghrelin triggers food cravings in the brain while cortisol helps acquire fat in the mid-section area.