Health Benefits of Low Carb Diet

As the term implies, the low carb diet is a regimen that discourages you to mostly consume food items that contains simple and complex carbohydrates. Among these two types, dieticians will most likely discourage you to consume less food items with simple carbohydrates because the digestive system tends to process and absorb them easily. Therefore, they can induce more craving in your part.

Weight Loss

One of the most common benefits of the low carb diet is weight loss. This is possible because of prolonged processing and digestion of the food items in your stomach and your small intestine. Because of the prolonged food absorption period, the gastrointestinal tract will send signals to the brain that indicates that the stomach and small intestines are still full from the last meal that you have consumed. This benefit still applies even if you do not consciously restrict the calories that you take in.

Decreased Bad Cholesterol

Because the body will be dealing with less weight gain inducing carbohydrates and less fat from the food items, those who will undergo the diet regimen will find it easier to have decreased levels of cholesterol in their body. Specifically, the participants will enjoy decreased levels of bad cholesterol in the system. In the long run, this can help the person prevent disorders such as heart attacks and cardiovascular accidents.

Improve Triglyceride Levels

Another benefit that you can enjoy from the low carb diet is the improved levels of triglycerides in your system.

“The low-carb diet improved HDL, or good cholesterol levels, and lowered triglycerides, the researchers found.” – Duke Health

This is possible because the food substitutes that you will most likely take in lieu of the carbs are the proteins. Compared to the carbohydrates, your body will need longer periods to process and absorb the amino acids from the protein rich food items that you eat.

Improved Energy Levels

Another benefit that you can obtain from participating in a low carb diet program is the increased levels of energy that you can get from the food that you eat. Theoretical underpinnings suggest that the food items that are abundant in carbohydrates are easily digested and absorbed in the blood stream. Therefore, this can only provide you with short bursts of energy. On the contrary, the food items in this diet can help sustain your energy for longer periods because they are not easily broken down into simple substances. This is the same premise that supports the food choices for those who are interested in joining marathons.

Diabetes Mellitus Prevention or Treatment Adjunct

The diabetics and those who are near the edge of this medical diagnosis can also gain a lot out of the low carbohydrate diet. According to experts, taking in less carbohydrate rich food items can help in significantly lowering the glucose present in the blood. Because of this, the pancreas and the rest of the glucose regulating parts of the body can take it easier. If the person is a prediabetic, that person can prevent having the condition altogether. Regardless of the presence of absence of the condition, the person should still take the recommended medications if the physician has already prescribed them.

Increased Insulin Sensitivity

In relation to this, the person can enjoy the benefits of an increased sensitivity to insulin. This is the biological substance that can aid in suppressing the glucose levels in the blood and the rest of the body. In this light, studies show that the low carb diet can help in significantly decreasing the risks for acquiring atherosclerosis.

These are just some of the benefits of low carb diet that you can enjoy if you continue sticking to the food moderation program on a long term basis. You are recommended to keep a wide array of food variations to help you prevent getting tired of the limited food choices.